16" Wheels from Japan

16", Right in the Middle...

16" wheels make a nice statement. They are a decent size for any aftermarket application. Small wheels leave a lot of sidewall and many a fender gap. 16" wheels allow you to keep a decent sidewall for a nice ride. This size wheel isn't too big, so you won't go broke buying tires. The wheels found in this section will be mixed bolt patterns, without any particular bias. Wheels will fit Datsun, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Nissan cars.

Modia KS-05 - $old

(2) 16x7.0 +32 Offset / PCD 4x114.3
(2) 16x8.0 +35 Offset / PCD 4x114.3

Pearl White, Modia KS-05, Designed by Keiichi Tsuchiya! These Kei Office wheels are the original, first run of these old school wheels. The later production wheels had a different center cap (cross-hair, early Kei Office logo).

This staggered set of wheels in 16x7" and 16x8" will fit perfectly on an early 240SX (S13), as well as conservatively on a Corolla SR5/GTS. With an offset of +32 in the front and +35 in the rear, these will fit decently on any rear wheel drive vehicle with a 4x114.3 PCD.

Keiichi Tsuchiya is a legend in Japan and the products he designs live up to the caliber of his tuning ability. These wheels will make a great addition to any drift car.

Since these are such old wheels they come with a good amount of curb damage. One wheel in particular has a lot of curb rash. See the pictures below.

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