14" Wheels from Japan

Who Uses 14" Wheels?

14" wheels are popular among many import enthusiasts. The majority of the ones found on this page will have a 4x114.3 PCD, commonly found on Datsun, Toyota, and Nissan cars.

SSR MK-2 - $old

(2) 14x6.5 +7 Offset and (2) 14x7.5 +19 Offset / PCD 4x114.3

This is a very nice set of SSR MK-2 rims with tires! SSR has gone under and is no longer manufacturing wheels. This is your chance to get a great set of old school SSR MK-2 wheels. SSR is rumored to have been picked up by another company, but the last time SSR reissued the MK line, they weren't nearly as nostalgic as the originals, like you see here.

The fronts measure in a 14x6.5 with a +7 offset, and the rears are 14x7.5 with a +19 offset. The 7.5" wide rear wheel will increase the track width of your rear end and give you more grip than those running with a 6, 6.5, or 7" wide wheel. The tires on all four wheels are ADVAN A-407 in 185/60/14. These are not sold in the USA, and are available on this set, straight from Japan! There is approximately 85% tread wear left on these tires. Good for many miles to come.

The black face and stepped polish lip are signature of SSR's attention to uniqueness and quality. The bolt pattern on these wheels are 4x114.3 PCD. The wheels will fit old Toyota Corolla's, Datsuns, Nissan 240sx, and the like. These are perfect for AE86.

There is some curb rash. But nothing really deep. The wheels hold air, and are ready to mount (tires included).

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Triple Star Sharks! - $old

(2) 14x6.5 +10 Offset Disc: B / PCD 4x114.3

This ultra rare set of Triple Star Sharks, just arrived! These wheels resemble the traditional SSR Star Shark, but take it to the next level! The faces of these wheels are very nice. The gold is a nice finish, and the lips are brilliantly polished!

Two, used, Gold Face with Polished Lip, TRIPLE Star Sharks in 14x6.5" with a +10 offset. This 3-piece, pair of these wheels is 4x114.3 PCD (Bolt/Hole Pattern).

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Black Racing 8 Spoke - $old

(4) 14x6 +22 Offset / PCD 4x114.3

Four, used, Gunmetal/Black colored Black Racing wheels in 14x6" with a +22 offset. All four of these wheels are 4x114.3 PCD (Bolt/Hole Pattern).

These Black Racing wheels are very similar to the RS Watanabe 8 spoke wheel. At a mere 6" wide, these wheels have a more aggressive face than their RS Watanabe couterpart.

In the next few close up pics, the Black Racing (BR) logo is shown. The back of the spokes confirm the diameter, width, and offset, as seen in the pictures.

All four wheels are very clean, with minimal wear from use.

The three pictures below show some of the blemishes on the wheels. The imperfections are not noticeable from a distance. Overall, a very nice set of wheels. Perfect for Toyota Corolla (AE86).

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